Equatica is a specialist consultancy advancing sustainable urban water management through the promotion of water sensitive urban design, including green infrastructure and green building design, offering expertise across a spectrum of policy and planning through to design and implementation. We cover all aspects of the urban water cycle - including water conservation, stormwater management, wastewater treatment and reuse and waterway restoration.

We work with a range of organisations with a commitment to advancing sustainability, whether they are public or private organisations, engineers, ecologists, planners, architects, designers or construction workers.

Our emphasis is on understanding our clients' needs and aspirations. Innovation is central to our approach, and we push the boundaries of current practice, while delivering pragmatic solutions for clients.

Equatica views the urban water cycle as one integrated system and therefore understands that an integrated approach is required including integration across disciplines, across planning practices, across design and across organisations.

We enjoy working in multi-disciplinary teams with other professionals including ecologists, geomorphologists and other environmental professionals, as well as urban planners, landscape architects, engineers and other designers.

Through teaming up on interdisciplinary projects, we believe we can achieve better water management outcomes in the urban environment, as well as learn from each other.

If you are interested in exploring opportuntites for working together, please contact us.

We are always keen to hear from like-minded professionals with skills relevant to our practice. Please contact us for further information, or send your CV to mail@equatica.com.au.