Equatica is a group of water professionals providing innovative and sustainable water management solutions in the urban environment.

We have specialist skills across the spectrum of Water Sensitive Urban Design from policy and planning through to design and implementation.

Our consulting skills are underpinned by strong philosophical and practical regard for the environment. We choose to work cooperatively with other like-minded professionals to deliver high quality outcomes in our products and services.

November 2013: Equatica is merging with Alluvium Consulting to bring together our skills in WSUD and sustainable urban water management and Alluvium's strength in riparian and waterway science.

Alluvium is a company of 50 scientists and engineers working out of Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Townsville. We have been working collaboratively with Alluvium for several years and we have both seen the industry need for a consulting business that can seamlessly combine urban water and catchment management with waterway health. We are confident that no other business in Australia offers this fully integrated approach.

There is more information on Alluvium's website.

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Cities of the future will support healthy and diverse ecosystems with urban water environments as places of beauty and play. The urban water cycle will be based on local catchments and the water cycle elements will be resources which can be utilised locally, reused and substituted as required. Urban waterways, wetlands and lakes will be key components of the urban water cycle. Such an approach will enhance and protect receiving environments.