Callan Park Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy
With McGregor Coxall for Leichhardt Municipal Council, 2010

Equatica prepared an Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy as part of the 2010 Callan Park Master Plan. The IWCM Strategy sets out some ambitious water management goals for Callan Park, and outlines how those goals can be met. A key part of the strategy is a major alternative water supply strategy, including rainwater tanks, stormwater harvesting and wastewater recycling, to meet most of the site's non-potable water demands. This would also provide the potential to supply additional demands off-site, enabling the park to achieve zero nett demand on mains water supplies. There is more information on the Callan Park Master Plan website.

West Circular Quay stormwater harvesting and reuse
Concept design, detailed design and documentation
With the NSW Government Architect's Office for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, 2010

The Government Architect's office is currently preparing designs for the revitalisation of West Circular Quay, including First Fleet Park and the Museum of Contemporary Art forecourt. As part of this project, Equatica is working on detailed designs for a stormwater harvesting and reuse scheme at the site. Treated stormwater will be used for irrigation, avoiding future mains water consumption of approximately 3.5 ML/year. A key challenge at this site has been gathering information on the existing storwmater network, some of which dates back to the 1800s. Equatica has worked closely with the services survey team to gather the relevant data.

Pimelea Park Water Cycle Management
IWCM Strategy, concept and detailed design
With McGregor Coxall for Western Sydney Parklands Trust, 2010

Western Sydney Parklands Trust have undertaken a major upgrade to Pimelea Park in 2010. As part of these works, Equatica designed systems to improve water management in the park. The new toilet blocks are supplied with water sourced and treated on site, and greywater from the handbasins is treated in a small wetland at the front of each toilet block. The upgraded park was officially opened in November 2010.

Sydney Park / Munni St Catchment Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Project
Concept and detailed design
With AECOM for the City of Sydney and Sydney Water, 2008-09

Focused on Sydney Park, this project assessed stormwater, groundwater and leachate options for local and regional non-potable water supply. The project involved an initial water balance model to determine flows of each water source through the site, as well as modelling of the series of five existing wetlands within Sydney Park. This identified the need for greater water within the wetlands, and the potential to treat stormwater through the wetlands for reuse in irrigation or in local industry. The WSUD Strategy, concept and detailed designs were delivered by David Knights. Detailed design was completed by Equatica in collaboration with Sophie Spinks at AECOM.

Stormwater harvesting strategy for Mildura’s Riverfront Park
With McGregor Coxall for Mildura Rural City Council, 2009

Equatica completed a stormwater harvesting strategy for Mildura’s Riverfront Park. The stormwater harvesting strategy forms one component of a masterplan for a major upgrade of facilities at the park. The stormwater harvesting strategy involved feasibility assessment, concept-level analysis and investigation of funding opportunities.