Church Street Mall Upgrade
Concept and detailed design
With the NSW Government Architect for Wollongong City Council, 2010-11

Equatica is working closely with the Government Architect's Office to incorporate bioretention street trees within the proposed Church St Mall upgrade in Wollongong. Healthy trees are vital to the provision of shade and amenity, therefore the street trees have been designed to collect and filter runoff from the surrounding mall. This will offer stormwater quality improvements and ensure trees receive ample water. A secondary stormwater harvesting system has been designed to capture and reticulate water to the trees during dry times.

Drew Street Raingardens
Advice during concept design, detailed design and construction
Strathfield Council and the Cooks River Sustainability Initiative, 2010

Equatica provided design advice and technical assistance to Strathfield Council engineers to develop detailed designs for two 75 square metre raingardens in Drew Street, Greenacre. The treatment systems are located in a wide road median on a quiet residential street. The systems treat runoff from the local houses and roads. These were the first raingardens constructed by Council's crew and hands-on advice was provided by Equatica during the construction process. The system was planted out by the local residents. Over 30 community members turned out to participate in the planting day.

Wallace Street Raingarden
Concept and detailed design
Marrickville Council, 2009

Equatica developed designs for a small raingarden in Marrickville South. The raingarden treats a residential catchment consisting of single dwellings and road runoff. The system is located at the end of a steep street. A key design challenge at the site was designing the raingarden to work in a relatively constrained space with moderate gradients.

WSUD Services for Chatswood Mall Redevelopment
Concept design, detailed design and documentation
Willoughby City Council, 2009

Willoughby City Council is upgrading Chatswood Mall. A key feature of the mall is a series of new street trees, and stormwater treatment systems are integrated into a garden bed at the base of each tree. Stormwater from the mall and surrounding roofs is being treated. Equatica designed the bioretention systems, including detailed design drawings and construction documentation. One of the key objectives of the project is to create conditions for large trees to thrive in the mall, and the bioretention systems were designed around this requirement. They feature extended soil zones and a mechanism to deliver air and water throughout the root zone.

WSUD for the Southern Precinct Laneways
WSUD Strategy and concept design
With McGregor Coxall for the City of Sydney, 2009

Equatica worked with McGregor Coxall to develop concepts for revitalising three laneways in the southern city centre. Equatica provided input on WSUD options which could be incorporated into the Laneways, including stormwater treatment, harvesting and reuse components. The concept plans for the laneways include green walls, which will be irrigated with stormwater to improve the microclimate, air quality and water quality in the lanes. Equatica completed concept designs for stormwater harvesting systems to deliver water to the green walls and for street sweeping vehicle refills.