Ainsbury Road channel rehabilitation
Design and construction
Penrith City Council, 2010

Equatica worked with Sprout and Ron Flew Excavations to design and construct stream rehabilitation works at a small tributary of South Creek in St Marys. The works addressed a highly unstable 3m head cut, which was actively eroding during the design process. Through close consultation with Council, a rock ramp was designed to deliver flows to a stilling basin formed at the base of a boulder wall. Excess spoil from the stabilisation works was worked into the landscape to avoid costly disposal off site. Stripped and stockpiled top soil was then reinstated and heavy duty jute matting was applied to control weeds on exposed batter slopes. The channel sides were planted out with species from the Cumberland Plain Woodland ecological community.

Rockdale bioretention system
Design and construction advice
Rockdale Council and Sydney Metropolitan CMA, 2009

Equatica has been working with Rockdale Council and the Sydney Metropolitan CMA to undertake site supervision for a bioretention system in Wolli Creek. Site inspections were undertaken during the construction process and advice was provided to the construction contractor on methods of installation of soil media.

Backyard wetland
Design and construction
Marrickville Council, 2009

In partnership with Marrickville Council, Equatica built a small stormwater treatment wetland for a house in Marrickville. Marrickville Council advertised and organised the project as part of their Environmental Workshop Series, which also includes "Water Sensitive Urban Design on Your Property" workshops. Equatica designed the wetland, organised the construction materials and completed the construction with the support of a local resident and the help of some enthusiastic volunteers.

We've made some key information about design and construction available for anyone with a similar project in mind.

Bush Pockets swale
Survey, design and construction supervision
Bush Pockets community group, 2009

Equatica assisted the Bush Pockets community group in Marrickville to build a stormwater treatment swale at one of their bush regeneration sites. Equatica helped by undertaking site survey, design and construction management. Marrickville Council provided labour, materials and equipment. Funding was provided by the Sydney Metro CMA. The Bush Pockets volunteers will complete planting in March 2010.

We've put together some information about design and construction of this project, too.

Federation Road bioretention
Construction supervision
Marrickville Council, 2009

Site supervision of construction works were undertaken for a bioretention system constructed in Newtown. A number of issues were identified during construction, including incomplete construction of the inlet to the bioretention. These issues were rectified through close liaison with Council and the construction team.