Maintenance Plan for Low Flow Pipes at Queenscliff, Manly Lagoon
Maintenance Plan
Warringah Council, 2010

The low flow pipes downstream of Manly Lagoon are prone to blockage with kelp. Equatica investigated the factors affecting kelp accumulation and the management options for the pipes, and wrote up a maintenance plan for Council to manage the issue. The maintenance plan includes details on responsibilities, maintenance procedures, permits and approvals, monitoring and record keeping, and OH&S requirements.

Park Central Wetland Plan of Management
Plan of Management
Campbelltown City Council, 2010

In partnership with EcoLogical Australia, Equatica completed a plan of management for a large constructed wetland and open water body within the residential and commercial catchment of Marsden Park. The wetland is prone to sedimentation and water quality issues and Council sought advice on the effectiveness of different management regimes on the long term health and quality of the wetland and ponds as habitat and recreational assets.