Bringelly Memorial Gardens
with McGregor Coxall for Robert Itaoui, 2011

Bringelly Memorial Gardens was a proposed a natural burial cemetery and crematorium in Sydney's western suburbs. Equatica worked with the design team to develop a sustainable water management strategy for the cemetery. The site will be completely off the grid and will be serviced by rainwater capture, treated and reused for potable uses such as drinking and in the café facilities. All the wastewater for the development will be treated on site and reused on site for toilet flushing and irrigation. During periods of high irrigation demand in summer treated on site will also be reused for supplementary irrigation of the site. The Bringelly Memorial Gardens will be self sufficient in water, with no water imported or exported from the site.

Blacktown Showground redevelopment
Blacktown City Council, 2011

Equatica worked with Blacktown City Council and McGregor Coxall to develop a sustainable water management strategy for the revitalisation of Council's Blacktown Showground, which will ultimately include three new community buildings, a plaza, a large village green event space, a new children's playground including water play and a community garden. The site will also highlight Blacktown Council's commitment to sustainable water management. The showground will provide ecosystem services by treating a substantial portion of Blacktown CBD catchment on the site in a feature wetland and bioretention system. The treated water will be stored for reuse in toilet flushing and irrigation on the site.

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Civic Centre and Echo Point Sustainable Water Management Project
Blue Mountains City Council, 2009-10

This project initially involved analysis of potential water management options for three high profile sites in Katoomba. Equatica then prepared concept designs and assisted Council to develop a successful grant application under the Federal Government’s “Green Precincts” fund. Elements of the preferred scheme were selected on the basis of supply reliability, water quality requirements, capital and ongoing costs and construction issues. As a result, stormwater harvesting schemes will be implemented at Echo Point and at Katoomba's new Cultural and Civic Centre.

Stormwater harvesting feasibility assessments - Airey Park and Hudson Park
Strathfield Council, 2009

Equatica completed stormwater harvesting feasibility assessments for two major parks in Strathfield Council. This involved assessment of irrigation demands for each park, as well as stormwater harvesting, storage and treatment options. Both of the parks are located along the Saleyard Creek stormwater channel, but also have other sources of stormwater available from local catchments. The feasibility assessment looked at the various sources of stormwater available, and compared each option in terms of estimated costs and expected reliability of supply. Water balance modelling was used to assess supply reliability for different irrigation demand scenarios.

Mitchell Creek Masterplan - Technical Studies
NT Department of Planning and Infrastructure, 2009

Equatica is working on technical studies to inform the development of a Masterplan for Mitchell Creek, NT. Mitchell Creek is located on the edge of the urban area of Palmerston, and its catchment is undergoing rapid urban development. The creek has been impacted by altered hydrology, including concentration of flows, increased peak flows and increased runoff volumes. The project will develop strategies to manage the impacts of existing and new urban development. As part of the project, Equatica co-ordinated a geomorphology and stream restoration study for Mitchell Creek, with detailed technical input from Alluvium. Equatica also completed a technical review of an existing low flow pipe system, designed to protect the creek from dry season flows associated with urban development.

WSUD Strategy for the Lakefront Village, Toukley
Christadelphian Aged Care, 2009

Equatica completed a WSUD Strategy for a new development at Toukley. The development involves construction of new facilities and upgrading existing facilities at an existing aged care development. The site is immediately upstream of a freshwater wetland on the fringe Tuggerah Lake. Water conservation and rainwater harvesting and reuse form key components of the WSUD strategy, as well as stormwater treatment and management of environmental flows.

Stormwater harvesting strategy for Mildura’s Riverfront Park
With McGregor Coxall for Mildura Rural City Council, 2009

Equatica completed a stormwater harvesting strategy for Mildura’s Riverfront Park. The stormwater harvesting strategy forms one component of a masterplan for a major upgrade of facilities at the park. The stormwater harvesting strategy involved feasibility assessment, concept-level analysis and investigation of funding opportunities.