Benchmarking of WSUD application in Landcom Developments
Landcom, 2008-2011

Each year Equatica undertakes a review of all Landcom projects to benchmark the civil works and/or dwellings built in the previous financial year against Landcom's WSUD targets. Landcom's WSUD targets relate to the elements of the urban water cycle and include water conservation, stormwater quality and flow management. The benchmarking is included in Landcom's Annual Report as part of their Triple Bottom Line assessment.

Analysis of Hornsby Shire Council's Water Quality Monitoring Data
Hornsby Council 2011

Equatica worked with Dr Ian Wright to undertake a review of Council's stream monitoring data to detect trends between streams with varying effective imperviousness and landuses. Equatica worked closely with Council to better understand the data and provided Council with significant insights into their data from the analysis undertaken (ANOSIM plot shown on the left showing difference between four different stream types).

Catchment management prioritisation study
Hornsby Council 2010

This project involved a review of a wide range of existing stream health data in the Hornsby LGA, in order to prioritise subcatchments for water management initiatives. Effective Impervious Area was used as an indicator, along with other indicators to identify priority catchments where simple water management actions could have a significant impact on preserving stream health.

Duck River Sustainable Water Management options study
Auburn, Bankstown and Parramatta Councils, 2010

Equatica completed a sustainable water management options for the Duck River Catchment for an alliance of three Sydney Councils. Equatica developed a suite of catchment options including options for stormwater quality treatment, stormwater detention options and stormwater reuse to improve the catchment water quality and catchment hydrology.

Evaluation of Stormwater Management Practices In Sydney's Drinking Water Catchments
Sydney Catchment Authority, 2009

This project benchmarked the status of stormwater management activities by councils within Sydney’s drinking water catchments, making recommendations on stormwater management capacity and implementation needs of the councils. The recommendations are being used to development of a new Stormwater Program for the SCA for rollout between 2009/10 and 2011/12.

Strategic Review of Environmental Works Program
Woollahra Council, 2009

Equatica worked with Woollahra Council to complete a strategic review of Council's Environmental Works Program (EWP) and Port Jackson South Stormwater Management Plan (PJSSMP). The project has involved catchment analysis, review of Council’s water management initiatives, identification of water management hotspots and opportunities for improved water management, and planning for sustainable water management projects to be incorporated into Council’s future works program.