Review and Evaluation of the WSUD in Sydney Program
Sydney Metropolitan CMA, 2009

Equatica undertook a critical review of the WSUD in Sydney Program including its core elements and ability to deliver a capacity program to meet the needs of councils in Sydney. The project proposed a series of recommendations for the future direction of the Program and the role of the Sydney Metropolitan CMA in supporting the Program. The project included a desktop review and interviews with key stakeholders to determine the current strengths and weakness and future needs of the region.

Introductory fact sheet and presentation for the WSUD in Sydney Program
Sydney Metropolitan CMA, 2010

The WSUD Introductory Fact Sheet and presentation were developed for the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority to provide a brief overview of the principles underpinning Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), the benefits of WSUD and the opportunities to integrate WSUD into Council activities. The tools have been designed for Council practitioners who want to build knowledge, understanding and support for WSUD within their organisations. The fact sheet and presentation are available on the WSUD in Sydney website.

WSUD Training for Planning and Development Assessment staff
Rockdale Council 2010

In September 2010, Equatica held two, two-day training sessions for all Planning and Development Assessment staff at Rockdale and other neighbouring councils. The first day of the training included an introduction and background to WSUD, typical WSUD controls, case studies and a site visit. The second day focused on assessment of Development Applications, an outline of MUSIC modelling and workshops on the possible application of WSUD in current DAs being reviewed by Council.