Review of Landcom's WSUD Policy
Landcom, 2010

Equatica has been involved in the review and updating of Landcom's WSUD Policy through an assessment of typical Landcom houses and determination of the extent to which Landcom dwellings can exceed the current State targets (the BASIX Scheme). This project led to Landcom adopting new potable water conservation targets including a BASIX score of 45 for dwellings in areas not supplied by reticulated alternative water, and a target of 60 for those dwellings supplied by reticulated alternative water. Landcom's stretch targets for these dwellings are a BASIX score of 60 and 70 respectively. More recently Equatica has been working with the Landcom Sustainability Team on tools for home owners to meet these targets.

WSUD Planning Controls for councils in Sydney

Equatica has the written the following WSUD DCP Provisions for Councils in Sydney:
  • Fairfield Council WSUD DCP and training (2011)
  • Hornsby Council WSUD DCP provisions (2011)
  • Marrickville Council WSUD DCP provisions and supporting guidelines (2011)
  • Wollongong Council review of WSUD controls (2011)
  • Strathfield Council WSUD provisions, guidelines and training (2010-11)
  • WSUD LEP and DCP Template for councils in NSW, Botany Bay Coastal Catchment Initiative / Sydney Metropolitan CMA (2008)
  • City of Ryde provisions, guidelines and training (2008)
  • Blacktown Council provisions, guidelines and training (2008) Winner NSW SIA Awards Excellence in Research, Innovation, Policy and Education 2010

Stream Health Flow Objectives
With Alluvium for Melbourne Water, 2010

Equatica worked with Alluvium, Tim Fletcher and Chris Walsh from Monash University to assess the impact of development on a number of Melbourne streams. The streams were assessed in terms of geomorphology flow objectives (GFOs) and frequent flow objectives (FFOs). Calibrated models were developed to assess the impact of development on the streams with and without management options which met the specific GFOs and FFOs. The study is a key development in catchment management principles.

Review of water conservation targets
Landcom, 2009

Equatica recently completed a review of Landcomís policy on water conservation targets for new development. This involved an assessment of BASIX certificates to check how Landcom developments were performing in terms of potable water conservation, and to identify new baseline, incremental and stretch targets for Landcom development typologies which could be incorporated into Landcomís WSUD Policy.

Water Sensitive Urban Design Strategy for Darwin Harbour
Northern Territory Government, 2008-09

Equatica administered the implementation of a large grant to develop a WSUD Strategy for Darwin Harbour for the NT Government. The NT Government received a $250,000 grant from the Federal Government to implement a WSUD Strategy. Equatica assisted the NT Government to develop the strategy, which involved research into the local physical and institutional context, workshops with local stakeholders, development of local guidelines and tools, training and capacity building. Equatica also undertook all the project management of the grant including the administration of the grant, all of the reporting for the grant including financial administration and management of communications including managing the development of a website for the project.