Interim Reference Guidelines: Concept Design and Construction & Establishment
Sydney Metropolitan CMA, 2010

Equatica prepared these two Interim Reference Guidelines to enable the local application of the South East Queensland (SEQ) Water by Design Program's Concept Design Guidelines for WSUD and Construction and Establishment Guidelines for Swales, Bioretention Systems and Wetlands. The WSUD Interim Reference Guidelines replace Queensland references with Sydney specific alternatives. The guidelines are available to download in the Tools and Resources section of the website.

Typical Drawings for WSUD
Sydney Metropolitan CMA, 2011

Equatica prepared a set of typical drawings for the Sydney Metropolitan CMA's WSUD program. The drawings include typical layouts, sections and details, and have been designed so that they would be adaptable to a range of situations. The drawings illustrate common design solutions for flat sites, steep sites and streetscapes, and also include a basic set of specifications for key materials. The drawings are available to download in the Tools and Resources section of the website.

WSUD Incentives Paper
Sydney Metropolitan CMA, 2010

Equatica prepared information on WSUD incentives, including a series of fact sheets highlighting examples of financial, non-financial, education and assistance programs. The information was designed for local government and other similar organisations who want to facilitate the uptake of WSUD within their area of operation. The information and examples explain how incentives can be used to encourage WSUD in situations where there are no formal requirements (e.g. development controls) for WSUD, such as private property retrofits. The information and fact sheets are available in the Tools and Resources section of the website.

WSUD input into the City of Sydney's Streets Design Code
With Aspect Studio for the City of Sydney, 2010

Equatica contributed WSUD elements into Aspect Studio's review of the City of Sydney's Street Design Code. The existing code had no mention of WSUD, which was inconsistent with Council's identification of WSUD as a target in Sustainable Sydney 2030. This project identified how WSUD can be integrated into streetscapes including:
  • As an interface between cycleways and the street
  • As a road barrier or traffic calming device
  • As an aid in enhancing microclimate especially in areas where there is high pedestrian movement and outdoor dining
  • Assist in providing green links through the City
  • As an interface with stormwater harvesting and reuse schemes in City parks and squares

Parramatta Public Domain Guidelines - WSUD Information
With McGregor Coxall for Parramatta City Council, 2010

Equatica has prepared WSUD Principles and Technical Details applicable to Parramatta that will be incorporated into the revised Parramatta Public Domain Guidelines Manual. The project, undertaken in collaboration with McGreggor Coxall, has determined the WSUD elements which are most suited to Parramatta's specific location, topography, soil and water conditions, as well as determined how to integrate the WSUD elements into the existing streetscape palette to create high quality, well designed, long lasting and sustainable streets and public spaces.

Review and revision of the South East Queensland WSUD Technical Design Guidelines
Water by Design, 2009

Equatica recently completed a review and gap analysis of the WSUD Technical Design Guidelines for Water by Design. The project involved an in-depth user survey (200 respondents) to identify current issues and gaps in the guidelines, as well as a desktop review and workshop to define the way forward for the guidelines’ revision. Equatica is now project managing the revision of the guidelines, managing engineering, ecology and landscape design consultants to produce an integrated design document addressing current best practice in water sensitive urban design.

Botany Bay Coastal Catchments Initiative Standard Development Control Plan for WSUD
Sydney Metro CMA, 2008

The Botany Bay CCI has identified that consistent WSUD planning provisions are a key requirement to implement WSUD for new development. To address this need, Equatica developed a template WSUD DCP to guide Councils through the identification of appropriate planning provisions and development of supporting documentation for WSUD. Importantly this work recognised that policy is as much a process as it is a document and that full council support is required to implement policy. Thus a major part of the DCP is a framework to identify the steps that Councils need to go through to develop a DCP, as well as the supporting documentation to facilitate the broader understanding and implementation of WSUD.